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The aim of Pedestrian and Bicycle Transport of Australasia (PedBikeTrans, ABN 291 599 314 26)  is to provide a networking and educational association for those professionals involved in pedestrian and bicycle planning in Australasia. This is to promote excellence in active transport planning, design and promotion. With the growing interest in livable communities, the demand for better conditions for walking and cycling is increasing and the number of people involved in the process of planning for pedestrians and bicycles is growing. There is a need to ensure planning for bicycles and pedestrians does actually provide better conditions and real transport solutions.

While there are user groups, advocacy organisations and numerous professional organisations for planners or engineers, no independent professional group exists for professionals interested in sharing best practices, exchanging ideas and techniques, and promoting excellence in the emerging field of active transport planning....

....until PedBikeTrans.

PedBikeTrans is managed and led by fellow transportation professionals who work at all levels of government and for private consultants on a wide range of activities.

2013 PedBikeTrans (image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/swags)